Subsystems development and technical support of AIS UPLC of the Republic of Kazakhstan


A data exchange portal has been designed in order to streamline and optimize the general information space. It is an information centre that combines all the integration’s subsystems enables to send and receive data. "Data Exchange Manager" was created to control and analyze all users’ operations and sent data.

AIS of the Urban Planning and Land Commission both receiving and sending data from the AIS SUC to the AIS SUC. The receiving data can be in ArcGIS format, specifically spatial data only.
Spatial data(geographical data and geodata) – the data about spatial objects and its’ types. The spatial data are a foundation of GIS’ data support.

Data from the AIS of the UPLC can be in all kinds of formats:*.doc, *.xls, *.mdb.

See the operating procedure of data transmission below:

Figure 1 – The main window of a portal.

Figure 2 – The portal’s receiving data information window.

Data transfer to the AIS SUC: interpretable systems transfer all kinds of data, including spatial and attribute data, documents, databases, etc.

The following information systems send and receive data: The Tax Department, AIS UPLC, The Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.
Data transmission function has been implemented for the information system of the Department of Justice.

Figure 3 – The portal’s sending data information window

Figure 4 – "The Tax Department" section

Figure 5 – "The State Land Cadastre" section

Figure 6 – Authorization window

Figure 7 – Data receiving

Figure 8 – Data sending

Figure 9 – Section’s sign-off

"Data Exchange Manager" was created to control and analyze of the system operating.
See the figure bellow.

Figure 10

Figure 11 –"Data Exchange Manager" main window

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