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Composing directory of conditional symbols
Services on composing conditional symbols directory to create electronic maps of scale 1:2000 for the Automated information systems of State Town-planning cadastre of Republic of Kazakhstan.
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Constructing digital map
Create geobotanical and soil digital maps of Mangistau region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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Creating electronic maps of regions and cities of Karaganda
Creating electronic maps of scale 1:25 000 of Abay, Bukhar-Zhyrau, Zhanaarka, Osakarovka districts and Karaganda, Zhezkazgan, Satpayev, Temirtau, Saran, Priozersk, Balkhash, Karazhal, Shakhtinsk sities for Automated information system of State Urban Cadastre of Karaganda region.
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Work on digitizing tablets
To create urban cadastre of Temirtau Work onvectorization of  planning and cartographic base of 1:2000 scale in the city of Temirtau.
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